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Real Vision Interview

I had the opportunity recently to sit down for an interview on Real Vision Crypto with a friend of mine, Corey Hoffstein CIO of Newfound Research, someone who's spent a lot of time in the world of momentum and trend following strategies and has also gone deep down the crypto rabbit hole the past number of years.

Along with a great conversation about the strategy we run at Starkiller and why we chose this approach, I think the real value and most interesting part of the interview is in an exploration of some of the (hard won) lessons learned in transitioning from trading equities to crypto and how the team and I incorporate that learning into our process. We also get into why crypto is successfully using the same disruptive playbook (for growth and regulatory evasion) as some big network effect tech companies from the past decade and why it's important to pick the right bowl of crypto coolaid to drink as they are definitely not the same.


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